Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last name First name Yearsort ascending Degree Citation
Charanis Peter 1980 Doctor of Letters
Whitlock Foster Brand 1980 Doctor of Humane Letters
Parks Gordon Alexander 1980 Doctor of Fine Arts
Schuller Gunther 1980 Doctor of Fine Arts
Edgar Miriam Colón 1980 Doctor of Fine Arts
Penzias Arno A. 1979 Doctor of Science
Booher Edward Elsworth 1979 Doctor of Humane Letters
Neuberger Katherine K. 1979 Doctor of Humane Letters
Press Frank 1979 Doctor of Science
Jordan, Jr. Vernon Eulion 1979 Doctor of Humane Letters
White, Jr. Lynn 1979 Doctor of Letters
Bate W. Jackson 1979 Doctor of Letters
Galbraith John Kenneth 1979 Doctor of Laws
Lipscomb William Nunn 1979 Doctor of Science
Nagle Claire Waller 1978 Doctor of Laws
Cardoso Fernando Enrique 1978 Doctor of Laws
Young, Jr. Andrew J. 1978 Doctor of Laws
Welty Eudora 1978 Doctor of Letters
Ruttan Vernon Wesley 1978 Doctor of Laws
Marshall Ray 1978 Doctor of Laws
Brooks-Randolph Angie 1978 Doctor of Laws
Hirschman Albert O. 1978 Doctor of Laws
Brown Lester Russell 1978 Doctor of Laws
Gaskill William John 1978 Doctor of Laws
Sellars Richard Beverland 1977 Doctor of Humane Letters
Morrison Philip 1977 Doctor of Science
Winkler Henry R. 1977 Doctor of Letters
Coles Robert 1977 Doctor of Letters
Parsons Talcott 1977 Doctor of Letters
Linowitz Sol M. 1977 Doctor of Laws
Paul Alice 1977 Doctor of Humane Letters
Jensen Merril 1976 Doctor of Letters
Bailyn Bernard 1976 Doctor of Letters
Morgan Edmund Sears 1976 Doctor of Letters
Morris Richard Brandon 1976 Doctor of Letters
Quarles Benjamin 1976 Doctor of Letters
Frelinghuysen Peter H.B. 1976 Doctor of Laws
Kenyon Cecelia M. 1976 Doctor of Letters
Humelsine Carlisle Hubbard 1976 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stillman W. Paul 1975 Doctor of Laws
Rodino, Jr. Peter Wallace 1975 Doctor of Laws
Hedefine Alfred 1975 Doctor of Science
Fergusson Francis 1975 Doctor of Letters
Rossi Alice S. 1975 Doctor of Science
Pauling Linus 1975 Doctor of Science
Bloom Benjamin S. 1975 Doctor of Humane Letters
Byrne Brendan T. 1974 Doctor of Laws
Huxtable Ada Louise 1974 Doctor of Fine Arts
Rodriguez Joseph H. 1974 Doctor of Laws
Cox Archibald 1974 Doctor of Laws