Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last name First name Year Degree Citation
Luria Salvador Edward 1970 Doctor of Science
MacCarter Beatrice Bouchier 1958 Master of Arts
MacKay Kenneth Campbell 1960 Doctor of Laws
Mahan Edna 1958 Doctor of Humane Letters
Mahoney David J. 1996 Doctor of Humane Letters
Mahoney Sister Hildegarde Marie 1967 Doctor of Laws
Mailer Norman 1969 Doctor of Letters
Makadon Harvey J. 2017 Doctor of Science
Marchand Leslie Alexis 1981 Doctor of Letters
Margulis Lynn 2004 Doctor of Science
Marin Luis Muñoz 1965 Doctor of Laws
Mario Ernest 1992 Doctor of Science
Marsalis Wynton 1997 Doctor of Fine Arts
Marshall Paule 1996 Doctor of Letters
Marshall Ray 1978 Doctor of Laws
Martin George Willard 1963 Doctor of Science
Martin William Hope 1958 Doctor of Science
Martin, Jr. William McChesney 1965 Doctor of Laws
Martindell Anne Clark 1984 Doctor of Laws
Martinez Angela "Angie" 2020 Doctor of Fine Arts
Martinez Judy Perry 2020 Doctor of Laws
Massey Walter Eugene 1984 Doctor of Science
Matsepe-Casaburri Ivy F. 2008 Doctor of Laws
Matsumoto Shigeharu 1966 Doctor of Laws
Mayo John S. 1993 Doctor of Science
Mazur Paul Myer 1961 Doctor of Humane Letters
McClintock Barbara 1984 Doctor of Science
McCormick Richard L. 2012 Doctor of Laws
McCormick Richard P. 1982 Doctor of Letters
McCourty Devin 2019 Doctor of Humane Letters
McCourty Jason 2019 Doctor of Humane Letters
McDonough Roger Henry 1956 Doctor of Letters
McFarland Ross Armstrong 1964 Doctor of Science
McGreevey James E. 2002 Doctor of Laws
McPhee John Angus 1988 Doctor of Letters
Meier August 1994 Doctor of Letters
Melcher Frederic Gershom 1958 Doctor of Letters
Mendel Arthur 1973 Doctor of Music
Meyerson Martin 1970 Doctor of Humane Letters
Miers Earl Schenck 1963 Doctor of Letters
Miller Neal E. 1985 Doctor of Science
Miller Samuel Clifford 1983 Doctor of Letters
Miller William Christian 1966 Doctor of Laws
Mitchell Eleanor 1968 Doctor of Letters
Mitchell James Paul 1959 Doctor of Laws
Mokhele Khotso 2005 Doctor of Humane Letters
Moore Marianne Craig 1955 Doctor of Letters
Morgan Edmund Sears 1976 Doctor of Letters
Morris Richard Brandon 1976 Doctor of Letters
Morrison Philip 1977 Doctor of Science