Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last name First name Yearsort ascending Degree Citation
Wideman John Edgar 1991 Doctor of Letters
Anderson Adrienne Scotchbrook 1991 Doctor of Humane Letters
Larsen Ralph S. 1991 Doctor of Humane Letters
Anderson Philip Warren 1991 Doctor of Science
Bongiovanni Michael 1991 Doctor of Laws
Vagelos P. Roy 1991 Doctor of Humane Letters
Carter Bennett Lester 1991 Doctor of Fine Arts
Franklin John Hope 1990 Doctor of Letters
Lichtenstein Roy 1990 Doctor of Fine Arts
Geltman Samuel 1990 Doctor of Humane Letters
Lorenz Edward Norton 1990 Doctor of Science
Caldicott Helen 1990 Doctor of Science
Bragg Floyd Herman 1990 Doctor of Laws
Florio James J. 1990 Doctor of Laws
Voorhees Ralph W. 1990 Doctor of Humane Letters
Whitehead John C. 1989 Doctor of Laws
Dresselhaus Mildred S. 1989 Doctor of Science
Wilson Blenda Jacqueline 1989 Doctor of Laws
Gregorian Vartan 1989 Doctor of Laws
Allen Robert E. 1989 Doctor of Humane Letters
Proctor Samuel DeWitt 1989 Doctor of Humane Letters
Baker Russell Wayne 1989 Doctor of Letters
Heningburg Gustave 1989 Doctor of Humane Letters
Cavazos Lauro F. 1989 Doctor of Laws
Dickerson Donald MacMillan 1989 Doctor of Laws
Watson James Dewey 1988 Doctor of Science
Commager Henry Steele 1988 Doctor of Laws
McPhee John Angus 1988 Doctor of Letters
Woodward C. Vann 1988 Doctor of Laws
Shapiro Harold T. 1988 Doctor of Laws
Yasuhiro Nakasone 1988 Doctor of Laws
Lawrence Jacob 1988 Doctor of Fine Arts
Norton Eleanor Holmes 1988 Doctor of Laws
Werblin David A. 1988 Doctor of Laws
Lerner Gerda 1988 Doctor of Letters
Raven Peter Hamilton 1988 Doctor of Science
Hopper Grace Murray 1987 Doctor of Science
Williams Joseph D. 1987 Doctor of Humane Letters
Gould Stephen Jay 1987 Doctor of Science
Aidekman Alex 1987 Doctor of Humane Letters
Roebling Mary Gindhart 1987 Doctor of Humane Letters
Rohrer Heinrick 1987 Doctor of Science
Roth Philip 1987 Doctor of Letters
Reitman Norman 1986 Doctor of Laws
Scott Hugh 1986 Doctor of Laws
Ribicoff Abraham 1986 Doctor of Laws
Cohen Wilbur J. 1986 Doctor of Laws
Muskie Edmund Sixtus 1986 Doctor of Laws
Edelman Marian Wright 1986 Doctor of Laws
Boehm Helen F. 1986 Doctor of Humane Letters