Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last name First name Year Degree Citation
Christie Chris 2010 Doctor of Laws
Clapp Margaret 1962 Doctor of Laws
Cleary Edward John 1959 Doctor of Science
Cobb Jelani 2024 Doctor of Letters
Cobb Jewel Plummer 1982 Doctor of Letters
Codey Richard J. 2005 Doctor of Laws
Coffey Katherine Frances 1966 Doctor of Fine Arts
Cohen Stanley Norman 1994 Doctor of Science
Cohen Wilbur J. 1986 Doctor of Laws
Cole William Harder 1957 Doctor of Science
Coles Robert 1977 Doctor of Letters
Collins Kevin J. 2001 Doctor of Humane Letters
Colwell Rita R. 2005 Doctor of Science
Commager Henry Steele 1988 Doctor of Laws
Conn Jerome W. 1964 Doctor of Science
Connor John Thomas 1964 Doctor of Laws
Coomaraswamy Rajhika 2016 Doctor of Humane Letters
Copland Aaron 1967 Doctor of Music
Cortés, Jr. Ernesto J. 2011 Doctor of Laws
Corzine Jon S. 2006 Doctor of Laws
Cowdrey Mary Bartlett 1964 Doctor of Letters
Cowen David Laurence 1984 Doctor of Letters
Cox Archibald 1974 Doctor of Laws
Crew Spencer R. 2002 Doctor of Humane Letters
Cullman Howard Stix 1959 Doctor of Laws
Cunningham John T. 1974 Doctor of Letters
Cuthbertson David Paton 1958 Doctor of Science
David, Jr. Edward E. 1984 Doctor of Science
Davis Jess Harrison 1955 Doctor of Laws
Dean Arthur Hobson 1958 Doctor of Laws
Dees, Jr. Morris S. 2006 Doctor of Laws
Dickerson Donald MacMillan 1989 Doctor of Laws
Diekhoff John Siemon 1959 Doctor of Humane Letters
DiFrancesco Donald T. 2007 Doctor of Laws
Dillon Clarence Douglas 1961 Doctor of Laws
Djerassi Carl 2010 Doctor of Science
Doar John 1968 Doctor of Laws
Dodge Norton T. 1995 Doctor of Fine Arts
Dougherty John Joseph 1962 Doctor of Laws
Dresselhaus Mildred S. 1989 Doctor of Science
Duverger Maurice 1982 Doctor of Letters
Dwyer Bernard J. 1993 Doctor of Laws
Dwyer Florence Price 1968 Doctor of Laws
Ebadi Shirin 2007 Doctor of Laws
Eckō Marc 2009 Doctor of Humane Letters
Eco Umberto 2002 Doctor of Humane Letters
Edelman Marian Wright 1986 Doctor of Laws
Edgar Miriam Colón 1980 Doctor of Fine Arts
Ellison Brooke Mackenzie 2011 Doctor of Humane Letters
Ellison Ralph Waldo 1966 Doctor of Letters