Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last name First name Yearsort ascending Degree Citation
Threlkeld Curtis Hugh 1957 Doctor of Letters
Anderson Marian 1957 Doctor of Music
Hoffman Samuel David 1957 Doctor of Humane Letters
Morse David Abner 1957 Doctor of Laws
Reston James Barrett 1957 Doctor of Letters
Goheen Robert Francis 1957 Doctor of Laws
Kertes Ferdinand 1957 Doctor of Science
Sebrell, Jr. William Henry 1956 Doctor of Science
Hughes Joseph Egan 1956 Doctor of Laws
McDonough Roger Henry 1956 Doctor of Letters
Thomson Virgil 1956 Doctor of Letters
Shockley William B. 1956 Doctor of Science
Hardt Robert Andrew 1956 Doctor of Philosophy
Lee Percy Maxim 1956 Doctor of Laws
Vandervilt Arthur 1956 Doctor of Humane Letters
Quimby Edith Hinkley 1956 Doctor of Science
Johnson Thomas Herbert 1956 Doctor of Letters
Schaaf Royal Albert 1956 Doctor of Science
Felmly Lloyd McPherson 1956 Doctor of Humane Letters
Cameron Donald Forrester 1956 Doctor of Letters
Boyd Julian Parks 1956 Doctor of Letters
Park Rosemary 1956 Doctor of Laws
Mumford Lawrence Quincy 1956 Doctor of Letters
Hoover, Jr. Herbert 1956 Doctor of Laws
Seabrook Charles Franklin 1955 Doctor of Humane Letters
Young Donald Ramsey 1955 Doctor of Humane Letters
Benson Ezra Taft 1955 Doctor of Science
Friend, Jr. Albert Mathias 1955 Doctor of Letters
Fulbright James William 1955 Doctor of Laws
Komp William H.W. 1955 Doctor of Science
Burns Arthur Frank 1955 Doctor of Humane Letters
Newmark Nathan Mortimore 1955 Doctor of Science
Burton Glenn Willard 1955 Doctor of Science
Sachar Libby Bernstein 1955 Doctor of Humane Letters
Moore Marianne Craig 1955 Doctor of Letters
Snedeker Chester Wesley 1955 Master of Arts
Davis Jess Harrison 1955 Doctor of Laws
Case Clifford Phillip 1955 Doctor of Laws
Kenyon Lee John 1955 Master of Arts