Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last namesort descending First name Year Degree Citation
Smeal Eleanor Cutri 2010 Doctor of Humane Letters
Smiley Tavis 2007 Doctor of Humane Letters
Smith Frederic William 1964 Doctor of Laws
Smith Howard Anthony 1959 Doctor of Laws
Smith Margaret Chase 1986 Doctor of Laws
Smithers Robert Brinkley 1964 Doctor of Laws
Smyth Henry DeWolf 1968 Doctor of Laws
Snedeker Chester Wesley 1955 Master of Arts
Solow Robert M. 1994 Doctor of Science
Stamato Linda L. 1985 Doctor of Laws
Stern Isaac 1983 Doctor of Fine Arts
Stern David J. 2004 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stetin Sol 1961 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stevens Rosemary A. 1995 Doctor of Science
Stevenson Adlai Ewing 1962 Doctor of Laws
Stevenson Bryan A. 2015 Doctor of Laws
Stewart Sandy J. 2020 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stewart William Huffman 1967 Doctor of Science
Still Timothy 1968 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stillman W. Paul 1975 Doctor of Laws
Stimpson Catharine R. 2004 Doctor of Letters
Strickland, Jr. William E. 1999 Doctor of Humane Letters
Sullivan Leon 2000 Doctor of Humane Letters
Suzman The Honorable Helen 1992 Doctor of Laws
Sweeney Price Mary Sue 2004 Doctor of Fine Arts
Tatum Edward Lawrie 1964 Doctor of Science
Taylor Billy 1994 Doctor of Fine Arts
Thant U 1968 Doctor of Laws
Thomas Anne Moreau 1999 Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomson Virgil 1956 Doctor of Letters
Threlkeld Curtis Hugh 1957 Doctor of Letters
Tilghman Shirley M. 2006 Doctor of Science
Trager William 1965 Doctor of Science
Trethewey Natasha 2021 Doctor of Letters
Trotter Tariq Luqmaan 2024 Doctor of Fine Arts
Udall Stewart Lee 1968 Doctor of Laws
Ullian Arthur D. 2004 Doctor of Humane Letters
Vagelos P. Roy 1991 Doctor of Humane Letters
Van Ness Stanley C. 1983 Doctor of Humane Letters
Van Zandt Steven 2017 Doctor of Fine Arts
Vandervilt Arthur 1956 Doctor of Humane Letters
Vermeule Emily Dickinson Townsend 1968 Doctor of Letters
Volk Harry Joseph 1958 Doctor of Humane Letters
Voorhees Ralph W. 1990 Doctor of Humane Letters
Waelsch Salome Gluecksohn 1998 Doctor of Science
Waldheim Kurt 1972 Doctor of Laws
Wall Monroe E. 1999 Doctor of Science
Walter F. Austin 1966 Doctor of Music
Warren Earl 1966 Doctor of Laws
Warren Elizabeth 2011 Doctor of Laws