Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last name First name Yearsort ascending Degree Citation
Boehm Helen F. 1986 Doctor of Humane Letters
Muskie Edmund Sixtus 1986 Doctor of Laws
Simon William E. 1985 Doctor of Laws
Levin Janice H. 1985 Doctor of Humane Letters
Cherkasky Martin 1985 Doctor of Science
Likens Gene Elden 1985 Doctor of Science
Stamato Linda L. 1985 Doctor of Laws
Byrne, Jr. John Joseph 1985 Doctor of Humane Letters
Peplau Hildegard E. 1985 Doctor of Science
Miller Neal E. 1985 Doctor of Science
David, Jr. Edward E. 1984 Doctor of Science
Branscomb Lewis McAdory 1984 Doctor of Science
Lerner Irwin 1984 Doctor of Science
Martindell Anne Clark 1984 Doctor of Laws
Mrak Emil M. 1984 Doctor of Science
Massey Walter Eugene 1984 Doctor of Science
Papp Joseph 1984 Doctor of Fine Arts
McClintock Barbara 1984 Doctor of Science
Burke James E. 1984 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hutchins John Richard, III 1984 Doctor of Science
Kroesen Frederick James 1984 Doctor of Humane Letters
Cowen David Laurence 1984 Doctor of Letters
Beck Robert A. 1983 Doctor of Humane Letters
Salisbury Harrison Evans 1983 Doctor of Letters
Van Ness Stanley C. 1983 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stern Isaac 1983 Doctor of Fine Arts
Riley Matilda White 1983 Doctor of Humane Letters
Lasagna Louis 1983 Doctor of Science
Weisskopf Victor Frederick 1983 Doctor of Laws
Miller Samuel Clifford 1983 Doctor of Letters
Kean Thomas H. 1982 Doctor of Laws
Cobb Jewel Plummer 1982 Doctor of Letters
Duverger Maurice 1982 Doctor of Letters
Bundy McGeorge 1982 Doctor of Letters
Schlesinger, Jr. Arthur M. 1982 Doctor of Letters
McCormick Richard P. 1982 Doctor of Letters
Burnham Walter Dean 1982 Doctor of Letters
Pearson Paul G. 1982 Doctor of Letters
Marchand Leslie Alexis 1981 Doctor of Letters
Ylvisaker Paul N. 1981 Doctor of Humane Letters
Sakharov Andrei Dmitrievich 1981 Doctor of Science
Hufstedler Shirley M. 1981 Doctor of Laws
Burns Eveline M. 1981 Doctor of Letters
Lautenberg Frank R. 1981 Doctor of Humane Letters
Lederberg Joshua 1981 Doctor of Science
Wretlind Arvid 1980 Doctor of Science
Yalow Rosalyn S. 1980 Doctor of Science
Chaikin Sol C. 1980 Doctor of Humane Letters
Charanis Peter 1980 Doctor of Letters
Parks Gordon Alexander 1980 Doctor of Fine Arts