Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last namesort ascending First name Year Degree Citation
Graham Martha 1959 Doctor of Fine Arts
Gould Stephen Jay 1987 Doctor of Science
Gould William Benjamin, IV 1998 Doctor of Laws
Gordon Julia Weber 1966 Doctor of Humane Letters
Gordon Lincoln 1967 Doctor of Laws
Goodall Jane 2005 Doctor of Science
Goldstine Herman Heine 1994 Doctor of Science
Goldman Lawrence P. 1999 Doctor of Fine Arts
Goheen Robert Francis 1957 Doctor of Laws
Ginsburg Ruth Bader 1991 Doctor of Laws
Gillespie John Birks 1970 Doctor of Music
Gidney Ray Millard 1961 Doctor of Laws
Gibson Eleanor Jack 1973 Doctor of Science
Geltman Samuel 1990 Doctor of Humane Letters
Gellhorn Walter 1973 Doctor of Laws
Gelfand Israel Moiseevich 1993 Doctor of Science
Gaskill William John 1978 Doctor of Laws
Garrett Laurie 2021 Doctor of Science
Gamper, Jr. Albert R. 2007 Doctor of Humane Letters
Galbraith John Kenneth 1979 Doctor of Laws
Fulbright James William 1955 Doctor of Laws
Fuchs Morris 1959 Doctor of Humane Letters
Friend, Jr. Albert Mathias 1955 Doctor of Letters
Friedman Milton 1968 Doctor of Laws
Frelinghuysen Peter H.B. 1976 Doctor of Laws
Frazier Kenneth C. 2019 Doctor of Laws
Franklin John Hope 1990 Doctor of Letters
Francis John Joseph 1959 Doctor of Laws
Francis Norman C. 1993 Doctor of Humane Letters
Foster William Chapman 1968 Doctor of Laws
Florio James J. 1990 Doctor of Laws
Fiske Jessie Gladys 1958 Doctor of Science
Fisk James Brown 1967 Doctor of Science
Finletter Thomas Knight 1959 Doctor of Laws
Fergusson Francis 1975 Doctor of Letters
Ferguson, Jr. Clarence Clyde 1966 Doctor of Laws
Fenster Saul K. 2002 Doctor of Laws
Felmly Lloyd McPherson 1956 Doctor of Humane Letters
Fair Ethel Marion 1959 Doctor of Humane Letters
Fair Gordon Maskew 1965 Doctor of Science
Everett Thomas Henry 1959 Master of Science
Ericsson Aprille Joy 2022 Doctor of Science
Epstein Benjamin 1965 Doctor of Letters
Engstrom Elmer W. 1963 Doctor of Science
Ellison Brooke Mackenzie 2011 Doctor of Humane Letters
Ellison Ralph Waldo 1966 Doctor of Letters
Edgar Miriam Colón 1980 Doctor of Fine Arts
Edelman Marian Wright 1986 Doctor of Laws
Eco Umberto 2002 Doctor of Humane Letters
Eckō Marc 2009 Doctor of Humane Letters