Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last namesort ascending First name Year Degree Citation
Carrerras Coll José 2002 Doctor of Fine Arts
Cardoso Fernando Enrique 1978 Doctor of Laws
Cameron Donald Forrester 1956 Doctor of Letters
Caldwell William Anthony 1967 Doctor of Letters
Caldicott Helen 1990 Doctor of Science
Calderón Sila M. 2004 Doctor of Humane Letters
Cahill William T. 1970 Doctor of Laws
Byrne, Jr. John Joseph 1985 Doctor of Humane Letters
Byrne Brendan T. 1974 Doctor of Laws
Butler Richard 2001 Doctor of Laws
Burton Glenn Willard 1955 Doctor of Science
Burns Arthur Frank 1955 Doctor of Humane Letters
Burns Eveline M. 1981 Doctor of Letters
Burnham Walter Dean 1982 Doctor of Letters
Burnell S. Jocelyn Bell 2016 Doctor of Science
Burke James E. 1984 Doctor of Humane Letters
Burke Kenneth 1968 Doctor of Letters
Bunting Mary Ingraham 1960 Doctor of Laws
Bundy McGeorge 1982 Doctor of Letters
Bunch Lonnie G. 2013 Doctor of Letters
Buck Pearl S. 1969 Doctor of Humane Letters
Bryan James Edmund 1964 Doctor of Letters
Brown Greg 2012 Doctor of Humane Letters
Brown Harrison Scott 1964 Doctor of Science
Brown Lester Russell 1978 Doctor of Laws
Brown Raymond A. 1972 Doctor of Laws
Brower Charles Hendrickson 1966 Doctor of Laws
Brooks-Randolph Angie 1978 Doctor of Laws
Brinster Ralph L. 2000 Doctor of Science
Brenner Jeffrey 2014 Doctor of Science
Brennan, Jr. William Joseph 1958 Doctor of Laws
Brée Germaine 1969 Doctor of Letters
Branscomb Lewis McAdory 1984 Doctor of Science
Bragg Floyd Herman 1990 Doctor of Laws
Bradley Bill 1999 Doctor of Laws
Boyd Hugh Newell 1970 Doctor of Letters
Boyd Julian Parks 1956 Doctor of Letters
Bowen Catherine Drinker 1967 Doctor of Letters
Bowen William Gordon 1972 Doctor of Laws
Booher Edward Elsworth 1979 Doctor of Humane Letters
Boocock Philip Milledoler Brett 1966 Doctor of Letters
Bongiovanni Michael 1991 Doctor of Laws
Bon Jovi Jon 2015 Doctor of Letters
Boggs Lindy 2000 Doctor of Laws
Boehm Helen F. 1986 Doctor of Humane Letters
Blume Judy 2010 Doctor of Letters
Bloom Benjamin S. 1975 Doctor of Humane Letters
Block Herbert Lawrence 1963 Doctor of Letters
Blanchard Terence 2023 Doctor of Fine Arts
Blake James Hubert 1974 Doctor of Fine Arts