Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last namesort descending First name Year Degree Citation
Hannah-Jones Nikole 2022 Doctor of Letters
Hardt Robert Andrew 1956 Doctor of Philosophy
Harvey Gerald C. 2014 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hayden Carla D. 2017 Doctor of Letters
Heckel Charles Willard 1970 Doctor of Laws
Hedefine Alfred 1975 Doctor of Science
Heidelberger Michael 1961 Doctor of Science
Heldrich John J. 1999 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hellman Lillian 1963 Doctor of Letters
Heningburg Gustave 1989 Doctor of Humane Letters
Herbert Robert M. "Bob" 2006 Doctor of Letters
Herrmann Lewis Mordecai 1960 Doctor of Laws
Hicks Arthur James 2017 Doctor of Science
Higginbotham, Jr. A. Leon 1969 Doctor of Laws
Hill Anita 2018 Doctor of Laws
Hines Gregory 2004 Doctor of Fine Arts
Hines Jerome 1993 Doctor of Fine Arts
Hinojosa Maria 2022 Doctor of Letters
Hirschman Albert O. 1978 Doctor of Laws
Hoffman Samuel David 1957 Doctor of Humane Letters
Holderman Pauline Beatrice 1965 Doctor of Humane Letters
Holstrom Carleton A. 1995 Doctor of Humane Letters
Holt Lester 2020 Doctor of Humane Letters
Holt Rush 2021 Doctor of Laws
Hoover, Jr. Herbert 1956 Doctor of Laws
Hopper Grace Murray 1987 Doctor of Science
Horne Marilyn 1971 Doctor of Music
Hottel Althea Kratz 1958 Doctor of Humane Letters
Houle Cyril Orvin 1959 Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard, Jr. M. William 2010 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hrabowski III Freeman A. 2024 Doctor of Letters
Hufstedler Shirley M. 1981 Doctor of Laws
Hughes Joseph Egan 1956 Doctor of Laws
Hughes Richard Joseph 1962 Doctor of Laws
Hughes William John 1995 Doctor of Laws
Humelsine Carlisle Hubbard 1976 Doctor of Humane Letters
Humphrey Hubert H. 1966 Doctor of Laws
Hunter-Gault Charlayne 1994 Doctor of Fine Arts
Hutchins John Richard, III 1984 Doctor of Science
Huxtable Ada Louise 1974 Doctor of Fine Arts
Hyde Mary Morley Crapo 1965 Doctor of Letters
Ifill Gwen 2008 Doctor of Letters
Izzo Ralph 2013 Doctor of Humane Letters
Jackson Shirley Ann 1999 Doctor of Science
Jacobs Nathan Leonard 1965 Doctor of Laws
Jacobson Joel Ross 1974 Doctor of Laws
Jemison Mae C. 2001 Doctor of Science
Jensen Merril 1976 Doctor of Letters
Johnson Leonard C. 1972 Doctor of Humane Letters
Johnson Thomas Herbert 1956 Doctor of Letters