Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last namesort descending First name Year Degree Citation
Watson James Dewey 1988 Doctor of Science
Wayne Edward Anthony 1963 Doctor of Laws
Wayne June C. 2005 Doctor of Fine Arts
Weaver Robert Clifton 1963 Doctor of Laws
Weeks Edward A. 1962 Doctor of Letters
Weintraub Joseph 1958 Doctor of Laws
Weisenfeld Allan 1966 Doctor of Humane Letters
Weisskopf Victor Frederick 1983 Doctor of Laws
Welty Eudora 1978 Doctor of Letters
Werblin David A. 1988 Doctor of Laws
Wescott Glenway 1963 Doctor of Letters
Wescott Lloyd Bruce 1960 Doctor of Humane Letters
Wheeler John Archibald 1969 Doctor of Science
White Katharine Elkus 1967 Doctor of Laws
White Ruth Patricia 1962 Master of Fine Arts
White, Jr. Lynn 1979 Doctor of Letters
Whitehead John C. 1989 Doctor of Laws
Whitlock Foster Brand 1980 Doctor of Humane Letters
Whitman Christine Todd 1994 Doctor of Laws
Wicker Thomas Grey 1970 Doctor of Letters
Wideman John Edgar 1991 Doctor of Letters
Wieschaus Eric F. 2002 Doctor of Science
Williams Joseph D. 1987 Doctor of Humane Letters
Williams, Jr. Harrison Arlington 1960 Doctor of Laws
Wilson August 1996 Doctor of Letters
Wilson Blenda Jacqueline 1989 Doctor of Laws
Wilson William Julius 1995 Doctor of Science
Wilson G. Willow 2021 Doctor of Letters
Winkler Henry R. 1977 Doctor of Letters
Witkin Evelyn M. 1995 Doctor of Science
Wolfe Deborah Cannon Patridge 1992 Doctor of Humane Letters
Wonder Stevie 1999 Doctor of Fine Arts
Woodward C. Vann 1988 Doctor of Laws
Wretlind Arvid 1980 Doctor of Science
Wu Chien-Shiung 1963 Doctor of Science
Yalow Rosalyn S. 1980 Doctor of Science
Yamba A. Zachary 2006 Doctor of Laws
Yanitelli Victor Robert, S.J. 1966 Doctor of Laws
Yasuhiro Nakasone 1988 Doctor of Laws
Ylvisaker Paul N. 1981 Doctor of Humane Letters
Young Donald Ramsey 1955 Doctor of Humane Letters
Young, Jr. Andrew J. 1978 Doctor of Laws
Zimbardo Philip G. 2009 Doctor of Science
Zworykin Vladimir K. 1972 Doctor of Science