Past Rutgers University Honorary Degree Recipients

This list of honorary degree recipients is sortable by last name, year conferred, and degree type. Click on the title of the column to sort the list by that particular content.

We have added the honorary degree citations for some of our recipients. Click on the Citation images, where shown, to read them.

Last namesort descending First name Year Degree Citation
Abdellah Faye Glenn 1973 Doctor of Laws
Ackerman Roger G. 1995 Doctor of Science
Ackerman Raymond 2016 Doctor of Letters
Adams Ruth Marie 1966 Doctor of Laws
Aidekman Alex 1987 Doctor of Humane Letters
Alampi Philip 1969 Doctor of Laws
Alexander Archibald Stevens 1966 Doctor of Laws
Allen Clara L. 1972 Doctor of Humane Letters
Allen Robert E. 1989 Doctor of Humane Letters
Anderson Adrienne Scotchbrook 1991 Doctor of Humane Letters
Anderson Marian 1957 Doctor of Music
Anderson Philip Warren 1991 Doctor of Science
Angelson Mark A. 2023 Doctor of Humane Letters
Arroyo Martina 2012 Doctor of Fine Arts
Atiyah Sir Michael 1992 Doctor of Science
Auchter George David 1962 Doctor of Science
Baez Joan C. 1980 Doctor of Humane Letters
Bailey Charles Philamore 1958 Doctor of Humane Letters
Bailyn Bernard 1976 Doctor of Letters
Baker Russell Wayne 1989 Doctor of Letters
Baker William Franklin 2008 Doctor of Humane Letters
Baker William Oliver 1995 Doctor of Science
Barchi Robert L. 2022 Doctor of Humane Letters
Baron Salo Wittmayer 1963 Doctor of Letters
Baskin Leonard 1969 Doctor of Fine Arts
Bate W. Jackson 1979 Doctor of Letters
Beal Orville E. 1973 Doctor of Humane Letters
Beck Robert A. 1983 Doctor of Humane Letters
Bender Carl Beitel 1963 Doctor of Science
Benson Ezra Taft 1955 Doctor of Science
Bergethon Kaare Roald 1959 Doctor of Laws
Bergman Robert P. 1997 Doctor of Fine Arts
Betancourt Romulo 1964 Doctor of Laws
Bildner Joan L. 2007 Doctor of Humane Letters
Bishop Elizabeth 1972 Doctor of Letters
Bixby Frederick Lovell 1966 Doctor of Humane Letters
Black Eugene Robert 1959 Doctor of Laws
Blackman Samuel Garrison 1964 Doctor of Letters
Blackmur Richard Palmer 1958 Doctor of Letters
Blake James Hubert 1974 Doctor of Fine Arts
Blanchard Terence 2023 Doctor of Fine Arts
Block Herbert Lawrence 1963 Doctor of Letters
Bloom Benjamin S. 1975 Doctor of Humane Letters
Blume Judy 2010 Doctor of Letters
Boehm Helen F. 1986 Doctor of Humane Letters
Boggs Lindy 2000 Doctor of Laws
Bon Jovi Jon 2015 Doctor of Letters
Bongiovanni Michael 1991 Doctor of Laws
Boocock Philip Milledoler Brett 1966 Doctor of Letters
Booher Edward Elsworth 1979 Doctor of Humane Letters